Building a credible online reputation is important for any executive who’s trying to become a thought leader in their field, but there’s a lot of work that goes into it — and you definitely have to accept the fact that it’s a marathon and not a race. Executive influencers, those expert thought leaders to whom other executives go for guidance, focus on consistently distributing quality content for relevant audiences.

These four articles from the Executive Leadership Branding blog share some of the tips and steps to help you get there:

How to Become an Executive Influencer

Executive influencers are public authorities with a proven track record in their field who use their unique insight to inspire and motivate their peers to succeed. Executives who want to start building an audience shouldn’t be concerned with a lack of experience on social media platforms but should just take the plunge and start writing.

Yes, Your Insights Matter – Here’s Why

Industry leaders have valuable experiences and knowledge they’ve accrued over their career. Putting this knowledge into words is crucial to building a strong, personal brand. These insights are important — to those who aspire to be in the enterprise C-Suite, budding entrepreneurs, or small business owners. Influencers who build a solid online presence can also see their company’s footprint be drastically impacted as they fill Google result pages with their prominent authorship.

Pitch Perfect: How to Lure an Editor

There are plenty of free, reputable social media platforms to publish content, but executive leaders who desire a legacy will likely want to publish content professionally. To do that, they’ll need an editor to bite on their ideas. This article describes how to put together the perfect email pitch to grab their attention.

These 6 Tools Drastically Improve My Content Creation

Creating high-quality content can be difficult, but luckily there are plenty of tools available to help a busy executive influencer save time and crank out a better product. This article gives a brief description of six such tools: headline analyzers, grammar checkers, free stock images, and infographics apps are just some of the resources out there.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason an executive with a little spare time on their hands can’t start building an online reputation as a thought leader in their field. Executives have a lot to offer in terms of expertise, and there is a huge potential audience for it. These articles offer essential advice on how to start building a following by consistently distributing high-quality content to the right audiences, while also making it easier to grab the attention of the right editors.