As an executive, you have worked hard to get where you are. You’ve experienced a lot in your field. You’ve had to deal with a variety of challenges and work out solutions to them. You have unique insights.

Being an expert in your industry, those insights matter. Business-people looking to reach the C-suite, entrepreneurs who want to improve the way they work, and even lay-people looking to become more productive or innovative — they can all learn from you.

You have something to offer. People can learn from you. You matter.

The best way to share your insights is through content. You may have infinite ideas, but if you never sit down and put them into words, no one will ever benefit from them.

Once they’ve been put into writing, it’s about getting them out there for the world to see. Proper circulation, then, is the key.

The company blog or a personal one, your LinkedIn, Medium, Thrive Global, niche publications, and top-tier publications — these are how you get your insights to the people who need them most. And, becoming a recognized opinion leader — or, executive influencer, as we like to say — is a major bonus. Not only are you doing something to help others, but you’re filling up your Google search results with your words and positioning yourself as the expert in your field. This positively impacts both your reputation as well as your company’s.

You could do this on your own, absolutely. I did it on my own — but it took 5 years and a lot of dedicated hard work to become a regular contributor on TechCrunch, Forbes, CNBC, and Entrepreneur, publishing over 500 articles across these mainstream outlets.

But most executives don’t end up having the time or the connections to generate the content and get it placed. 

Executive Leadership Branding can take your desire to share your insights and turn it into tangible results — columns on niche and top-tier publications, ghostwritten in your voice, based on your valuable insights.