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Massive Alliance is a problem solver, providing corporate brand enhancement & risk mitigation solutions, threat monitoring and intelligence services.

Executive Branding

Protecting and enhancing the executive’s reputation and credibility.

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Massive IntelTM

All-Source Intelligence for deep insight into external and active threats.

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Brand Reputation

Digitally removing defamation, stolen IP or PII from websites and search engines.

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Defend. Mitigate. Enhance.

Holistic and proprietary solutions which allow executives, brand and corporations to focus on growth.

countries with active Massive operations.
Of e-crime data, including meta-data and imaging data
pages of defamation, PII and credentials removed.
brands and executives protected and enhanced.

Why Massive Intelligence?

Massive Intelligence aggregates valuable enterprise-grade threat intelligence with an investigations platform allowing access to high-quality data sources with attribution.

Expert scoring, along with machine learning, provides the highest data accuracy for dark web activity, chatter and actor profiling. Attribution for incidents is available through a rich threat library of feeds, malware signatures, botnet and threat actor technique resources.

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360 Brand Solutions

Helping startups, SMEs and Fortune enterprise companies defend and build their brand in a volotile environment.

Malware Intelligence

Compare your environment against millions of uniquely documented IOCs, active infected hosts, TTPs, botnet activity, malware signatures and definitions.

Breach Intelligence

Deep sources of unpublished data leaks, along with constant monitoring of the underground for presence of our customer’s data or consumer PII.

Security Intelligence

Advanced vulnerability scanning to check IPv4/IPV6 ranges against the latest vulnerabilities in order to actualize the security intelligence data with additional layer of valuable information for risk scoring.

Threat Monitoring

Design your own monitoring tasks against billions of active intelligence incidents, exploits, zero-days, breaches, compromised vendors, employees and networks.

Machine Learning

Real-time analysis and normalization of threat data generated by actors, web-applications, infrastructure, risk-scoring and SIEM integration.


Establish a coordinated workflow/workspace for incidents requiring further investigation and clarification. Encrypted IM and file sharing for real-time collaboration.