Massive Alliance

Reinventing media technology for brands and publishers.

“We preserve your knowledge through the written word and syndicate it to the world. There is an audience waiting for you.”

– Tom Popomaronis

EVP, Innovation at Massive Alliance
Columnist at CNBC, Entrepreneur & Inc. Magazine

Insights from experience

In this new world of information, the leaders who establish themselves as experts are the authoritative voices on the cutting edge of the opinion news cycle. Because they live and breathe it.

New Age Media.

Our mission is to upgrade the written word across published media, by solving the antiquated process, technology, and revenue models of content management, editing and publishing, and thereby bringing a new renaissance of knowledge to the world.

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Become an Executive Influencer & spearhead vital thought leadership.

Executive Leadership Branding (ELB) is intended to secure you as an ongoing contributor and/or columnist at top tier publication(s) as well as periodic guest posts, which will be shown and prioritized in organic search results.

  • Time-efficient process
  • Dedicated Executive Journalist
  • All media ghostwritten
  • Content quality assurance process
  • Scheduled content calendars
  • Monthly brand synergy sessions (15 minutes)
  • Custom thought leadership strategy

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