Massive Alliance works with executives around the world to secure and enhance their reputation through leading media publications and search engineering. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get results on your own. In fact, 80% of all executives we support didn’t need our full assistance at the onset. They just didn’t know how to dominate Google with relevant and on-topic content.

With so much information available at the click of a button and updated on a minute-to-minute basis, it’s incredibly easy for negative or unwanted information to pop up on executive searches. This, in turn, reflects poorly on the company, resulting in loss of customers and slashed profits.

It doesn’t take much to fill the void of Google with positive information and build a good personal reputation online. Here are six easy (and free!) ways to do so:

  • Start a Medium account and share your insights there regularly.
  • Register to become a Thrive Global contributor and write about your fields of expertise.
  • Reach out to apply for Executive Authorship at Strixus and give advice on leadership, innovation, and more.
  • Start your own blog on WordPress or Blogspot and discuss whatever you’re most passionate about.
  • Be active on social media as a professional, using LinkedInTwitterReddit, and others.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date information on any executive profiles and business directories, like Crunchbase.

Don’t have the time? Hire an executive ghostwriter to help you plan and publish. It’s really that easy.

 Communications departments can leverage these publishing platforms for the executives they support in forwarding their personal and brand message.”

Over time, the executive will build a strong reputation and brand, as well as more credibility for the organization as a whole. And, bonus — having a solid reputation as a thought leader in one’s field will follow any executive beyond their current company and may even open new doors for them.

If it’s just too much to deal with and you want to leverage national media and build a formidable strategy to accomplish this, reach out — Massive can help.