Being yourself is effortless. Blue Steel uses constant facial muscle.

These days, an established personal brand for executives and entrepreneurs is just as important as a company brand. When one executive has a bad online reputation, for example, it can hurt the whole company’s bottom line. That’s why it’s so vital to fill the void of one’s personal brand with positive information before negative information finds its way there. Here are 6 ways to build a great personal brand:

Don’t Change

A crucial aspect of cementing an individual brand is to remain consistent with messaging. Whether it’s posting a photo, a tweet, or an article, always consider how it will add to your personal brand’s image. Being consistent helps develop a solid brand name that the target audience will be able to quickly identify.

See What’s Already Out There

Google yourself — what comes up? Is it positive or negative? Is anything missing? Or is there old information that should be taken down? Keep an eye out for forgotten old social media accounts that may include potentially embarrassing or damaging content. Knowing what’s showing up now will help you make a plan for what to remove and what to add.

Inspect Your Social Media Privacy Settings

These days, most people are on a number of social media sites for both professional and personal use. However, due to the fact that various platforms are used for a number of different reasons, it’s essential to be aware of all social media privacy settings and exactly what information is being divulged to the world.

Consider How You Come Across

An individual brand is all about you — your voice should be a combination of your personal characteristics and the objectives you wish to accomplish. While some may gain from more of an opinionated and controversial image, others will benefit more from the ability to connect through a more laid back approach. Think about who you are and what your ultimate goals are as a professional, then establish your voice accordingly.

Become a 5-Star Networker

One of the best ways to connect with other brands and establish yourself as an authority in your vertical is to regularly acknowledge the work that your peers are doing. Engage with your peers and your audience often to cement yourself in their minds.

Get Hands-On With Getting Your Name Out There

You can’t just create content and expect consumers to discover it on their own and begin to follow your brand. If only life were that easy, right? You should always be proactively putting out your content via your online and offline channels.

These days, a great personal brand is a significant tool for both the company and the executive. And, putting a good online reputation in place — and then maintaining it — will help protect against future attacks. If you’ve already been attacked and need help removing the negativity, reach out — Massive can help.