Guest posts are one of the oldest and easiest ways to establish your authority, and though they have suffered some abuse in the last few years, they still provide a stellar opportunity to expand your influence. Here are five benefits of guest posts that will establish you as an executive thought leader in your sphere.

They Generate Inbound Leads

One of the most obvious ways guest posts help you is by bringing your words to a wider audience. This gives you the chance to concisely and attractively highlight your products and services and draw attention to your brand without being overtly promotional. If readers like your work, they’ll be sure to check your bio, where you can leave a link to lead them to your site.

They Earn You Targeted Traffic

Google’s new E-A-T algorithm (Expertise – Authority – Trustworthiness) evaluates how trustworthy you are in your field and how helpful your content will be to readers before it ranks you in search results. That’s why compelling guest posts that both satisfy readers and increase their desire to learn more are so beneficial. A wider range of available content and an increase in direct traffic will significantly benefit your online authority.

They Increase Your Social Media Presence

Any reputable, high-traffic site is sure to be active on social media, making it easy for your work to be shared across multiple platforms. Plus, you can include your own social media handles in your bio to attract customers directly.

They Encourage Constructive Feedback

Allowing comments on your post is an easy and effective way to receive genuine feedback on your products or services. Such feedback will not only show you how best to meet the needs of your customers, it will also show you what kind of content they want so you can develop it on your own site.

They Enhance Your Reputation

As in any sphere, you will be known online by the company you keep. Posting on a good site will enhance your authority by association, so make sure you post to sites with strong reputations, strict editing standards, and high authority. Your readers (and Google) are bound to be impressed.

Guest posts are an important part of establishing your brand. By following the suggestions above, you can establish yourself as an executive influencer and boost your SEO score significantly, becoming a most trusted name in your community.