Writing the perfect article is only the first step in the long and frustrating process of becoming a thought leader in your field — sometimes it may seem like every editor is ignoring you.

So how is it that others are getting the attention of editors, getting past the gatekeepers that stand between themselves and publication? What does it take to make editors stand up and take notice? Here are some insider secrets that can help:

Follow Up is Key

Persistence is more than a virtue; it is a necessity for anyone trying to get the attention of an editor. On average it takes from six to eight contacts to receive a single reply. This means that a writer who sent a single inquiry and gave up are doing themselves, and their work, a great disservice. When emailing any editor, writers need to realize that theirs is not the only email in the recipient’s inbox. In fact, editors can routinely receive from 50-100 emails in a single day. With that kind of volume, it would be impossible for even the hardest working editor to stay on top of all the inbound.

The Power of the Visual

Writers work with words, so it just makes sense that their contact with editors is text-based as well. Even so, the strategic use of images can have a powerful impact on those reticent editors, helping their messages break through the clutter and finally get the attention they deserve.

After the first one to three emails have not received a response, sending a strategically chosen GIF is a great way to break through the clutter, but not just any GIF will do.

Instead of tacking on a random image to that email, do some homework and choose something that will get the attention of that particular editor. Does their Facebook page feature pictures of their cat? If so, a GIF featuring a cat could be the perfect, relevant way to grab their attention.

The power of the image is hard to deny, even in a largely text-based medium. The secret lies in the research; by getting to know the editor on a more personal basis, you can choose your GIFs with care, boosting your odds of success in a highly competitive industry.

If you’d rather not worry about how you’ll find the time to follow up with an editor six to eight times, as well as do the research necessary to find the right GIF, we can do it for you — and we already have the relationships to speed up the process. Executive Leadership Branding is all about taking care of the nitty gritty of positioning executives as thought leaders in their fields so that you don’t have to.