Online Leadership Branding has a long and multi-purpose history as an online marketing technique. Used wisely by a clued-up marketer and executive, it can provide many exceptional benefits as part of an integrated search engine optimization campaign.

“An executive’s reputation plays a significant role in determining how both internal and external audiences evaluate — and ultimately respond to — a company. – Springer

1. Targeted Exposure and Traffic

Leadership Branding lets the executive and brand reach a new audience with relative ease. By placing your content and bio in front of another media or news platforms’ readers, you’ll gain both traffic and the increased trust that comes with exposure on an authority domain.

2. Reach More Influencers

Authority industry platforms tend to boast a high number of influencers among their readership. Contributing as an industry leader lets you put your brand and content in front of them, with all the reputational benefits that brings. Impress the influencers, and your brand recognition and credibility can skyrocket.

3. Leverage Third-Party Marketing

Once your content and executive profile are on a third-party site, you’ll gain from their promotional efforts far into the future. Whether they build traffic or search engine authority for their own site, the benefits will flow through to yours.

4. Harvest Social Media Followers

A successful leadership post will also pick up new social media followers for your brand, as your work is promoted through the target site’s social presence. This can increase the importance of your content in the eyes of search algorithms. Make sure you include your social media account handles in your bio alongside your web address.

And lastly, even though Leadership Branding does not promote your own brand like a press release, you can still gain some powerful link equity from a well-managed campaign. Just make sure to aim for quality and relevancy rather than quantity to stay on the safe side of the line and include the brand link and your own social media platforms on the author bio.

If you take a careful and ethical approach to it, branding yourself as an executive influencer will reward you and the brand generously.