The power developed by a leader which makes them an influencer within their sphere of influence is not some magic quality they are born with. Nor is it something that is unreachable. Anyone who has the willingness to learn and sacrifice some time can learn the same qualities that will propel them forward, far above the “ordinary” (whatever that is).

You might think that to be a leader, you simply have to be stronger and learn to apply force to get others to do what you want them to do. While force has a part in it, it does not last when used on its own and the leader who resorts to bribery and fear ultimately ends up a permanent failure.

A true influential leader motivates and inspires by making others feel that they gain a personal advantage by doing what he wants. It has everything to do with developing personal communication skills. No matter what the purpose is behind the motivation, a real leader builds equity in the people he inspires, not necessarily what’s in the company coffers.

How can you build the qualities of a leader?

Use the power of purpose

People will not work long for anything unless it impacts them in some way. Improved status, a better income and praise are some reasons, but these are not enough. It’s the desire to accomplish something worthwhile that drives many to work harder than they normally would. If they can catch the vision, you become their leader.

Make the work worthwhile

Everyone is seeking for a purpose to life. Most of them have no goal to shoot for and often fall victim to con artists and men who have selfish ambitions and lead the masses to destruction. As an employer, your job is to define the company goal and what your employees need to do to accomplish it. They must work as a team, with each member devoted to the cause because they see a mutual benefit in their own lives. This works just as well in the family unit.

Develop the skill of persuasion

That doesn’t mean learning how to threaten, bribe or beg. It means knowing what motivates people to act. If they can see how their lives can change, they will move mountains for you. All men and women crave recognition and praise. A real leader knows this and makes every effort to praise every and all improvements. Leaders seldom resort to criticism. They offer friendly advice mixed with real concern and make correcting mistakes seem easy and necessary for the advancement toward the goal.

A true influential leader motivates and inspires by making others feel that they gain a personal advantage by doing what he wants.

Be a listener

Many leaders lead by example. They are not all great orators. They listen far more than they talk. When they do, they speak in terms of the other man’s interests. They address his concerns in a clear fashion, offer friendly advice and tie it all in with company policy.

Build strong relationships

Leaders don’t put themselves on a pedestal removed from the common man. They come across as personable and friendly. They have no bias against any group or person because of race or stature in life. They show more interest in the other person’s viewpoint rather than force their beliefs on others.

Present the facts

To be a leader, your vision has to be clear and understandable. If you don’t understand it, neither will they. Leaders don’t try to be professional through a lot of words or use highly technical language. They present the facts with passion as they are committed to an idea. Presenting the idea with enthusiasm moves the listener to agree to it.

While you may not be a Napoleon or a Winston Churchill, practicing these characteristics will make you a leader no matter what field of endeavor you are in. The purpose of life is to learn how to grow to become a leader that inspires and contribute something that helps advance others to the ultimate goal of working toward a better world of peace and harmony.