Introducing Strixus®

Massive brings you the apex of cyber
intelligence & mitigation technology in crisis
control and cyberwarfare.

Threat Mitigation

Find out why Tier-1 companies choose us as their
first choice in cyber security and brand protection.


Welcome to Massive.

Infused with the latest in cyber intelligence technology and staffed with a formidable Task Force, Massive pushes the boundaries of corporate intelligence and brand protection. We help clients engage, communicate and grow freely without the need of worry for cyber threats, reputation damage or digital risks.

Threat Feeds

Cyber Monitoring

Massive provides international, real-time intelligence on reputation, security and data loss. Get ahead of the threats with our advance warning system.

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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Harness the power of our elite cyber team against online attacks. Defend your name, brand or online image with our guaranteed online reputation management options.

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Cyber Investigations

Investigations & Mitigation

We track threats to the source. Our 24/7 cyber task force works with ISPs, Search Engines and national authorities across the globe to expose and mitigate.

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