Cyber Threat Mitigation

On-demand services — Massive commonly works in coordination with crisis management firms, internal security departments, legal teams, executives and law enforcement to provide a rapid-response mitigation service to neutralise brand threats or cyber criminal activity. With strategic partnerships and world-class forensic specialists, we can monitor, detect and resolve challenging threats as they arise.

Copyright Infringement / IP Theft

Trademark, copyright and intellectual property theft is usually fuelled by a hidden party with financial vested interest. Massive will work with you to investigate and shut down the fraudulent target.

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Data Breaches

A data breach can cripple a brand’s reputation and credibility. Massive responds fast to locate where the data is and even who was involved while working to shut it down so that it does not continue to circulate.

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Reputation Management

Vested interest fuelled slander and internet defamation are common-place these days. Massive provides clients with aggressive reputation management services to remove or suppress unwanted content.

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Cyber Investigation Services

Getting to the source of an online attack, data breach, brand damage, fraud or threat is essential to resolving future attacks. Our investigations team will work closely with you to detect and expose the source.

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Corporate & Industrial Espionage

Mergers gone wrong, strikingly similar products released by competitors, leaked documents etc. These all point to espionage. Massive’s task force will use remote tools and weeding strategies to detect the source.

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Ground-level Intelligence

Working with national, international authorities and select intelligence agencies, Massive has access to on-the-ground assets who can provide vital intelligence and profiling of adversaries.

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“Spear” or “Whale” Phishing can be traced back. Cloaked behind carefully setup proxies and international servers, detecting and stopping phishing attempts requires deep intelligence services.

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Cyber Legal Services

Massive has created strong relationships with legal firms who are ahead of the game in cyber law, media, intellectual property and internet defamation. These alliances give us a powerful back bone in mitigating threats.

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 Threat Mitigation
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