Massive provides unique OSINT and non-OSINT threat intelligence feeds combined with HUMINT and SIGNIT, covering millions of active threat sources in real time.
Botnet Intelligence Feed

Unlike traditional Botnet Feeds which provide signature data relating to botnets for blocking, we provide raw data on the botnets’ data feed itself. Terabytes of information, actively streaming from compromised locations can now be cross-indexed to determine if your digital infrastructure is being actively siphoned of information. Covering countless malware families including the most notorious you can learn of a breach by seeing your data through the threat actor’s eyes.

botnet interception

 Malicious Hosts & IP Feed

This dataset includes the IP address, domain and URL information as well as the associated malware hash or hashes responsible for infection, updated hourly. All of this information as well as first and last seen timestamps are provided in an easily interpreted XML format. The feed has many uses including detecting any infection or compromising of  employee devices, infected networks, compromised accounts and company profiles.

AML (Anti Money Laundering) Feed

The Anti Money laundering Feed (money mules, identified in various banks world wide); This is extremely useful for compliance purposes, with a constant intel stream of underground money mule profiles for banks, risk management and credit scoring firms. Regulators (such as the FCC and FCA) can impose heavy fines for hosting money mules and leaving them undetected.

Compromised POS Feed

Malware can go undetected, no matter the sophistication of security. This global feed provides you with immediate notification of infected and compromised POS terminals along with Track 2 data, profiles of vulnerable merchants, full XML data and databases extracted from more intricate POS terminals. The information is gathered through raw data interception – if your POS terminal is infected, this feed will intercept what financial and consumer information is being extracted.

Unlimited variables

The Threat Intelligence Feeds available through Massive are not limited in scope. The variables are countless, with infected systems and devices at the mercy of hundreds of malware forms, each extracting different data structures. These data streams are intercepted for analysis and threat notification. If you are concerned about being the target of a silent data breach then Massive can help you.

Our services:

  • Notify you of the earliest moment of an existing subtle or full data breach,
  • Assist in neutralising the threat of data release and,
  • Stop the bad actors from exploiting and targeting the business again.
Data breach notification system

Massive operates behind the scenes protecting some of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies and institutions to provide notification and real-time threat reports which signify that the business will be targeted (future) or if they have been breached (data exists out there).

 Easy Access
Our Threat Intelligence Feeds are available through multiple channels:

  • Email alerts on specified incidents
  • Incident reports through the secure Portal
  • Easily interpreted API in standard XML/JSON format
  • Customised raw data export

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