As a high profile or high-net-worth individual, it is important for you to have a secure online profile that does not expose sensitive information.

Any defamatory, misleading online content could have a negative impact on your reputation and future career. We believe the Strixus VIP Managed Service can reduce the risk of such damaging content, by identifying it when it occurs, allowing mitigating action to be taken.

The Strixus VIP managed service is a single or periodic report with existing threats including attack intelligence, data loss, intent of physical harm and damaging reputation incidents or trends. For full service, real-time incidents are provided through email a private portal.

Additional services are provided to nullify detected threats from human forensics, international authority action, shutting down slander and removing sensitive data from the public view.

The types of risk we consider are:
  • Reputational damage and Exposure
  • Identity theft and impersonation
  • Physical harm
  • Financial or sensitive data leaks
  • Exposure to cyber-attack
  • Personal defamation
  • Political sentiment
  • Social or attitudinal data
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Strixus VIP supplies actionable intelligence reports that helps to identify and mitigate the risk of sensitive data leakage and defamation.

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