Cyber Threat Assessments (CTA) are a single or periodic threat assessment designed around a specific brand or government entity. Utilising the full breadth of our intelligence scope.

Each risk assessment includes pointed intelligence and reference to exact incidents both in the present and historical. It covers the full spectrum of reputation threats, attack intelligence and data loss plus human analysis of sentiment and attitudinal data, trends and hotspots in pointed geographical locations or a global view.

The CTA gives you risk assessment composed of material extracted from the deepest corners of the web, unsecured cloud locations, exposed NAS drives, TOR, I2P and IRC chatrooms. Unrivalled in accuracy, depth and quality, we understand the problem of faced by internal security teams to locate threats, data loss and impending attacks early enough to be proactive. This threat assessment will clearly show your current exposure level, plus historical and present threats.

Industry Usages
  • Existing data breaches
  • Black market trading of data dumps
  • Employee policy violations
  • Regulation violations
  • Unsecured data transfers
  • Holes in the existing security infrastructure
  • Attack intelligence (will you be attacked tomorrow?)
  • Impending reputation threats
  • Cybersquatting
  • Phishing expeditions
  • Copyright & Trademark violations
  • Malware detection and IOC summary
Government Usages
  • Counter-political intelligence
  • Counter-terrorism OSINT Report
  • Targeted Government Agencies
  • Vested interest counter-campaigns
  • Public & media sentiment
  • Threats & physical harm intelligence
  • Adversary movements
  • Personal defamation
  • Political sentiment
  • Attitudinal data

A CTA report is the cumulative data mining result of over 100 million online resources and 200k dark web locations, botnets and threat actor profiles.

Infected Hosts Monitored

Compromised Credentials Intercepted

Threat Actors Profiled

Online Locations Monitored

Markets & Dark Web Locations

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