Strixus is a cross-industry cyber intelligence solution, providing corporations and government entities with global intel from over 100,000,000 sources.

Massive solves the primary issues in proactive security and brand protection with unrivalled depth in attack intelligence, data breaches and crisis detection.

Cyber threats are at the forefront of political and corporate discussion across all continents. The focus on the underground cyber crime activity has increased enormously in the past year alone due to the tangible and statistically provable impressions that a breach can cause on national or global markets.

Strixus® will provide close to real-time monitoring of every part of your national or global mentions. Pulling from every corner of the web as well as SIGINT and HUMINT sources, botnet data interception and ground operatives. We provide intelligence on attacks, data loss and reputation damage while making available powerful mitigation services to neutralise the threat.

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STRIXUS was derived from the name of an ancient owl in Greek mythology wherein the Goddess of War — Athena — had an owl which was known for its clear vision and stealth. Athena would dispatch her owl to gather intelligence before dealing a fatal strike on her enemies.


  • Retain your reputation and the trust of your customers, partners and investors at all times.
  • Prevent harm to your employees and other key individuals.
  • Protect against industrial espionage and competitive intelligence.
  • Protect your business Intellectual Property, customer data and other sensitive information.

We can help you monitor closely and mitigate the exposure to hostile reconnaissance. We help our clients make the most of their online presence whilst protecting them from cyber attacks, physical attacks or other organized threats.

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The Strixus team is comprised of world-class technology leaders who bring a diverse background of skills and experience in cyber threat intelligence, data protection and threat mitigation. The system, powered by our partners at Digital Shadows®, provides an unrivalled international scope of monitoring.

Developed through reverse code engineering, crypto analysis and language detection; the system has been carefully created to locate and protect international corporations, governments, political parties and private entities through the gathering of valuable intelligence and monitoring threats.

Strixus FAQs

What are the benefits of Strixus?
  • Retain your reputation and the trust of your customers, partners and investors at all times.
  • Prevent harm to your employees and other key individuals.
  • Protect against industrial espionage and competitive intelligence.
  • Protect your business Intellectual Property, customer data and other sensitive information.
What makes you different to competitors?
Competitor weaknesses
  • Limited data loss detection/prevention
  • Most existing controls only operate at the network boundary
  • Do not identify material that has already leaked
  • Do not identify leaks from employees, partners, clients and suppliers using non-company assets
  • Attack intelligence is inaccurate or too slow
  • Many companies provide technically-focused threat feeds or one-off analyst reports
  • Few provide actionable intelligence of specific threats, actors, tools and methods
  • In-house teams are expensive to maintain and often use limited, generic tools
What kind of coverage does Strixus have?
  • Real-time monitoring of over 80,000,000 online locations
  • Surveillance of over 200,000 ‘dark web’ locations which are not available elsewhere
  • Customized areas / geographical zones can be input to monitor
  • Can recognise data received in 26 languages
  • Pulls from every popular social network
  • Covers all 6 major search engines
How does the Strixus reporting system work?

As the system detects a threat and is verified by an analyst, you will be provided with an incident report to the designated and authorised staff or personal emails as chosen at the onset of our contract. This incident report is create on the moment of detection and human validity verification. The report will provide the following:

  1. The incident threat level (low, medium, high, very high)
  2. A snippet of the content pulled by the system
  3. A link to the threat location
  4. An analysts’ interpretation of the incident and any valuable information which may assist in understanding the threat
  5. The analysts’ recommended action to mitigate the threat

A duplicate version of the incident report will also be available on the secure portal from the moment of issue.


How often will I receive incident reports?

Using the Digital Shadows® data mining system, a vast majority of the online locations we monitor can have data pulled within seconds of publication. This is due to our built in data retrieval system, decryption tech and of course standard RSS feeds if they are available. However, in some cases where the website, forum, chatroom etc does not have any “export” function, our dark spider will pull the information itself. So data retrieval can be anywhere from within a few seconds to a a few hours depending on the source.

What kind of intelligence can I expect to see?
  • Quality intelligence to combat targeted attacks
  • Identify Spoofing / Phishing / Hack threats
  • Identifying harmful information and hostile sources
  • Detection of security compromises
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Understanding the sentiment of a movement, group or full geographical location
  • Detection of the above in all popular file formats
  • Detection of data through cloud sharing sources
  • Source code signatures
  • Leaked data and sensitive information
  • Reputation threats from across the web
  • Sensitive information available to public eyes from cloud or un-secured system locations
What makes Strixus stand out from other intelligence tools or agencies?
  • Unique, natural language processing technology
  • Enables proactive detection of new threats
  • Global focus – not just US-English
  • Coverage of all ‘walled garden’ sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and foreign equivalents like vKontakte and Sina Weibo
  • Monitors in 26 Languages
  • Over 80,000,000 websites preset
  • Over 200,000 ‘dark web’ sites monitored
  • Completely customizable to client’s needs
  • Ability to provide context with alerts
  • Who is attacking, when and with which tools?
How does a Strixus contract work?

There are 3 primary services:

Strixus Global Early Warning System™ – A real-time managed service active 24/7 covering the full scope of our intelligence and mitigation services. The contract can operate monthly, quarterly or annually as it suits you.
Strixus Clearview™ – Designed for single, quarterly or periodic threat reports with global or geographically pointed topical intelligence.
Strixus VIP™ – Protect your key players from targeted cyber attacks, physical harm or reputation damage with options designed for individuals, this is a one off or periodic report as desired.

After an analysis of your digital footprint we will provide a proposal based on the average volume of data which will need to be processed. This will determine the costs and our recommended timeframe of monitoring and reports.

Is the mitigation service included in all contracts?

There are different levels of mitigation support provided in the Strixus managed service.

  1. The first is included in all services, which is assistance and guidance from an analyst to understand the source of the threat and any related information about the source. This can also include pointing you in the right direction to report abuse and shut down an incident, such as illegally obtained information sitting on a website, slander or libel on social media, copyright infringement, cybersquatting, phishing campaign being hosted on an established server etc.
  2. The second is an on-demand service, each project being uniquely quoted for and pursued by our Cyber Task Force. This requires action by a human forensic or mitigation specialist and may also include external partner assistance such as legal or on-the-ground intelligence operations.
Is this system violating privacy rights?

No, we have built walls around Strixus which keep it within the legal limits of surveillance. However, due to the immense amount of information available within these legal boundaries we are still able to get close to full surveillance of online locations.

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