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Building a defamation-free internet environment

“The ability to remove and replace disinformation is key to a clear and consistent brand message.”

– Brook Zimmatore
CEO, Massive Alliance

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Protect & Enhance Your Online Reputation

Your Google Page 1 is your most powerful marketing asset. Massive serves as a rapid-response removal & mitigation service to move in on brand protection threats and shut them down.

Resolving Unwanted Search Results

Resolving Unwanted Search Results

Your Google Page 1 is your most powerful marketing asset. We will keep it clean. The ability to remove disinformation is key to a clear and consistent branding message. Massive has designed a seamless process to remove negative media, reviews, defamatory complaints and slander from the internet. Imprints of disinformation can thwart any project, campaign or brand strategy.

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Executive Reputation Management

Commonly used in conjunction with our mitigation services, the Executive Leadership Branding (ELB) program ensures that you take control of your public image. With all of its benefits, internet search results are commonly controlled by third party entities. The ELB program puts the control in your hands.

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93% of consumers’ decisions are impacted by internet defamation when making a decision to engage a brand.

What we can resolve:

  • Misconduct reported in the media
  • Slander of executives
  • Public government reports
  • Brand hate websites
  • Crisis Management cleanup
  • Foreign media reports

Executive & Personal

Executive & Personal

Personal due diligence is corporate (and now social) practice.

Personal services for:

  • Lack of personal image control
  • Personal online attacks
  • Media targeting
  • Public reports
  • Legislative public documents
  • Revenge defamation


Small Medium Enterprise

Brand Protection plays a large part in the growth strategies for startups and existing SMEs.

What we can do:

  • Remove bad news
  • Delete hate content
  • Remove defamation
  • Judicial reports
  • Brand attacks

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Discussion points

  • Negative search results
  • Social media reputation
  • Reviews, control and solutions
  • Defamation & Slander
  • Adversary attacks
  • Internal strategies
  • Mainstream Media & PR

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