Our Removal Process

Partnerships with Search Engines, ISPs and Hosts to mitigate unwanted results.

How our reputation management works

As the world becomes increasingly digital and driven by the need for ubiquitous connectivity, companies with high value digital assets have the means to use the internet to facilitate and expand operations.

The internet isn’t always friendly to corporations or individuals. Image crisis and PR defamation, negative reports and illicit reviews… It all costs firms billions each year and for private individuals it can mean unexplained lost opportunities.

Fortunately, online reputation management (ORM) creates a form of recourse to individuals and brands. It is the service which allows you to control your image, decide what public view you want to have and protect your privacy.

While there are several tools available to protect the integrity of a company or person against defamation and other reputation attacks, they are most useful when backed by ORM services as a part of an overall business brand protection strategy.

How it works


Massive Alliance is the first to pioneer a cyber forensic approach to Online Reputation Management. Every case of defamation is carefully processed using our proprietary software and human forensics. The source of the unwanted search results is inspected as to cause and approach and this is then checked against:

  • The laws of the land
  • ISP terms of use
  • The hosting terms of use
  • The hosting site terms of use
  • Google terms and quality guidelines
  • Yahoo terms and quality guidelines
  • Bing terms and quality guidelines
  • Motive and intent
  • Background of the author

In fact, on any individual case there are 50,000+ points of legal, regulatory and publication guidelines which we assess your search results against. If our first assessment proves that we can resolve the unwanted link(s) then we proceed to to fully remove the content from search engines or the website itself.

Because of this approach Massive is able to provide payment-on-result-only services. Our analysis will tell us if the reputation management project is doable or not and if we agree to take you on, we will get it done with no upfront fees.

Massive’s reputation management options are not just limited to defamation. We can also remove instances of sensitive data exposure, piracy, stolen data or personal (private) information.

We always recommend strengthening your online image. Through high profile placements in some of the world’s leading media outlets (Forbes, Huffington Post, NY Times, Tech Crunch, Mashable, The Guardian, WSJ and hundreds of others) Massive creates a “digital wall” of content to guard you against future attacks or unwanted search results. See our media services.

The problem with most online reputation management firms is that their strategies focus on suppressing the links, rather than removing them. These links may go to the second or third page, but still remain indexed by search engines, and therefore have a chance of being discovered or regaining search strength.

This approach is really just a sister service to online marketing and is recommended as a concurrent strategy for those with little or no online presence. However, Google, Yahoo and Bing are always evolving; assigning new values and signals for ranking and this can make traditional online reputation management strategies such as the above unpredictable and defamation or unwanted results can creep up again – sometimes within a few weeks.

Pursuing legal action to remove the reputation damage done by adversaries can be effective. Massive has established ties with law firms in the US and Europe to assist in rapidly removing internet defamation from the web. These internet defamation attorneys will take most cases on contingency when done through our firm.

The bottom line? Companies need online reputation management fuelled with the aggressive brand image control. 

For more information contact our Online Reputation Management team at or by telephone:

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