Phishing or “whaling” can heavily deteriorate a brand’s integrity and credibility. This criminal strategy is probably one of the most common forms of internet crime out there.

Massive’s anti-phishing solutions are not your traditional procedures. There are many agencies out there who can offer phishing mitigation options through blocking with ISP connections, honeypots and other testing procedures. But this is not our strategy.

What we do:
  • Cyber monitoring solutions to detect a phishing campaign targeting your brand whether in the form of malware, copyright & trademark infringement, cyber squatting, compromised employee accounts, website attacks and more.
  • Shutting down any illegal web properties or assets designed to exploit or capture information
  • Cyber forensics to trace the source of the attack
  • On-the-ground intelligence (available globally) to name / locate the threat actors
  • Provide the necessary reports to local authorities to take action

Massive’s focus is always the complete neutralisation of the adversary/target. So when we detect a phishing expedition, targeting your consumers, employees or riding on your brand, we go for shutting down and exposing the source.

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