Massive works with some of the top security, intelligence and consultancy firms in the world to bring our unique services to the table.

Partnering with Massive allows you to utilise the full strength of our company to effectively accomplish what you need to for your clients.

Agencies we work with

Legal – We work with Legal teams in the UK, EU and USA to aid in investigations, brand protection and intellectual property cases.

Security – Massive’s services are currently used by over a dozen security agencies across the world. For both cyber security and private security, our vast range of services and skills provide an impressive cost-effective armoury.

Cyber Investigators –  We assist investigative teams in instances of fraud, defamation, extortion, trademark infringement, industrial espionage, divorce settlements and more.

Intelligence – Tapping into our real-time cyber intel and ground-intelligence operations, government or private intelligence organisations can benefit from rapid-response delivery and reports, unavailable through traditional channels.

Public Relations – Working in the challenging environment of brand and image control, Massive’s threat mitigation services make the public relations game much easier to manage. PR firms take advantage of our reputation and sentiment monitoring options as well as anti-defamation services.

Collaborative relationships

Massive is interested in collaborative opportunities with innovative agencies in the brand protection and cyber security industry. If you have a service or product you feel would align with Massive’s industry expertise, get in touch to discuss.

For further information on partner/collaborative opportunities:

Tel (UK): 0208-242-4812
Tel (US): 646-893-7688