Your Technology Partner

Massive integrates directly into your strategic programs and models to protect your clients.

Established in London in 2012, Massive Alliance has embedded itself as a leading technology partner for law firms, crisis management consultants, executive services companies and PR’s around the world. In 2015 Massive moved to Tampa, Florida as part of a strategic change to leverage US technology partners.

Character assassination, familial issues, rogue partnerships and direct targeting by threat actors is a daily occurrence toward high net worth executives and public personalities.

We provide is the support you need to accomplish the most difficult of technology challenges. With over 1000 unique cases completed in over 25 countries, we identified the primary stress areas for our partners in supporting their clients.

– Engineering Google results
– Monitoring for reputation damage
– Removing unwanted content from the internet
– Media control strategies
– Cyber intelligence & investigations
– Identifying & tracing threat actors
– Cyber GPS tracking solutions
– Rebranding executives
– Character assassination
– Threat mitigation
– Hack detection & monitoring
– Clandestine operations

Our model

Depending on the relationship designed with us, you can choose to have Massive Alliance transparently working with yourself and your client. Alternatively, we can also remain as a shadow partner, providing all services to you on behalf of your client.

Let’s start a conversation! To talk to one of our experts about how Massive’s solutions can inform your corporate security strategy, please get in touch.