Massive Intelligence is the largest repository of external threat intelligence from dark web sources.

Close to 1 Petabyte

Enterprise all-source threat intelligence with attribution and analytics.

Integrate Anywhere

Threat intelligence exchange using various data formats (XML, JSON, CSV, STIX & TAXXI etc.)

Attribution Data

A data structure providing insight into “kill chain” analysis to link all incidents & actors.

All-Source Intelligence. Count the Differences.

MassiveIntel’s flexible licensing and delivery model gives unprecedented advantages to build and integrate of any of the modules available.

Massive Intel Dashboard

E-Crime & Dark Web

Dark Web, OSINT, Social Media, Private Forums and Public Forums with high frequency updates and imagery.

Data Breaches

Over 3 Billion Data Intelligence points are stored and searchable for actionable orchestration.

Malware / IOCs

Indicators of compromise repository including publicly available sources and operative collection and attribution.

Black Markets

Counterfeit products, blackmarket trading, IP infringement and collaboration from Dark and OSINT sources.

Botnet Tracking

Expanded details of command and control (C2) and botnet intelligence with full attribution & exfiltrated logs.

Threat Actor Library

Repository of threat actors are captured and stored with key attributes for investigation and motivation.

Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

TTPs providing data mapping and catalogued summaries identifying countermeasures against attacks.

DNS Monitoring

Non-validated DNS changes within the infrastructure with rapid refresh and updates including attribution.

Security News Feeds

Operator collected and catalogued security intelligence news related to trending or active exploits, vulnerabilities etc.

Vulnerability Reports

Operator designed vulnerability reports generated with detailed IOCs, TTPs and exploit summaries.

Infected / Suspicious Hosts

Vulnerable host IP information to triage to customer and organization for enrichment of security intelligence.

Compromised Credit Cards

Actionable intelligence on compromised cards for financial industry exfiltrated from active communities and dumps.

Point of Sale

POS-based infected IP information with additional command and control and malware IOCs & vulnerabilities.

Telegram Intelligence

Chat interception of well established threat communities, actors and terrorist cells. International coverage available.

Threat Risk Scoring

Internally developed risk scoring algorithm to intelligently score based on all-source data.

Task Monitoring

Signature registration to automate and export unique threat intelligence feeds relating to specific modules.

Investigation Management

Team collaboration with a built in investigation task manager to escalate priorities and manage threats.

Global Events

Single primary source of global events relating to security, intelligence, cyber threats and more.

Threat Filtering

Drill down with filtering options within the threat modules to focus on specific geographies, topics, actors, dates etc.

Importing Feeds

Import your existing third party feeds into the MassiveIntel platform to provide further attribution and sources.

360° Threat Data Enrichment & Attribution

Data enrichment plays a mission-critical role in all-source threat intelligence. The MassiveIntel platform utilizes native syntax (rule sets), regular expressions and customized tags, to define the scope of further search and enrichment processes.

Threat Actor History
Deeper Understanding

Topical Connections & Threat History

Current and historical threat data is cataloged and mapped for single pane view of aggregated data on all modules. This information is clearly formatted for presentation through intuitive interface. Understand your adversary and determine risk levels instantly.

Network Vulnerability Detection

Rapidly identify weaknesses in infrastructure

One step ahead with a centralized repository of active threats prevalent on a global level. Generating reports and codifying vulnerabilities affecting millions is now available within a single filter. Understand your exposure and get detailed indicators for proactivity.

Deep Threat Monitoring

Tracking & Investigations

Customizable and fully indexed search query interface for organization to quickly investigate ascertain information within communities and sub-communities. External threat hunting is now simple with global or local searches and filters to create individual cases for investigation.

Rapidly Integrate & Launch

No on-site software required. Just provide your digital footprint and start.

Attribution Data and “Kill Chain”

Our data structure provides insight into “kill chain” analysis, which allows it to link the specific threat actor with a particular campaign, security incident, malicious tool or tradecraft.

Data-Centric Architecture

The core platform provides a bi-directional interface for all-source threat intelligence exchange using
various data formats (XML, JSON, CSV, STIX & TAXXI etc.) with an Open REST API available.

Unlimited User Licenses

User restrictions are costly and create limitations for cross-department collaboration. Licenses are distributed  by company without restriction.

Multi-Layered Graphs for Intelligence Analysis

The Intel analytics engine builds multi-layered visualization for detailed intelligence analysis based on different taxonomies and heterogeneous categories of information.

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