Though Massive can effectively clean up instances of libel and online defamation from the public view, a percentage of the defamation cases we resolve require a legal strong-arm to assess and assure:
  • The monetary damages and compensation
  • Reputation damage & compensation
  • Cease and Desist orders
  • Subpoenas and discovery against attackers
  • Resolve issues of brand copyright theft
  • Intellectual property ownership
  • Cyber bullying penalties and damages
  • Criminal prosecutions against the defamation source
  • Proactive guidance to protect against future attacks or violations
Traditional Legal Firms Just Don’t Cut It

A word of advice: do not just shop for any legal firm who has online defamation, libel, slander or cyber crime law included in their service descriptions. Cyber law is a new game, and 90% of “legal support” we have seen being provided to clients have little or no result and can be very heavy on the wallet.

Massive have carefully selected and vetted specific online defamation lawyers in the USA, UK and Europe who have the right knowledge and understanding of cyber law to resolve almost any instance of online defamation or cyber crimes.

Please contact us to discuss your case and we will provide the team needed to resolve the matter.

 Cyber Legal Firms
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