Internet Threat Mitigation


On-demand services — Massive commonly works in coordination with crisis management firms, internal security departments, legal teams, executives and law enforcement to provide a rapid-response mitigation service to neutralize brand threats.

Massive uses a unique approach to prevent and solve corporate reputation management cases.

An executive or company can have their online reputation is harmed daily by malicious posts, defamation and competitor-fueled hate campaigns. Such attacks have an immediate negative effect on the credibility and bottom line. This is why a proactive approach is a must for any brand that wants to grow safely and mitigate risk.

Massive deals with each case of corporate online defamation with a unique approach. In order to protect and restore your company image and reputation, all necessary legal actions are taken. Despite the 1st Amendment (USA) or Freedom of Expression (UK), your business has the right to be protected from the spreading of false information and slander.

  • Remove negative search results on all popular search engines
  • Add control your Google news feeds for related searches
  • Block future defamation with the creation of a digital wall
  • Expose hate campaigns fuelled by competitors
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We take some cases on contingency of visible results.