Security & Threats

Malware Intelligence

Malware is the leading source of data leaks & exploit. Detection and mitigation depends on full analysis of malware, malware families, IOCs, behavior and aliases.

Malware & Vulnerability Lab

With malware the key is to be informed of the latest signatures and indicators. Massive’s Malware Intelligence feeds & critical reports provide you with valuable identifiers to rapidly integrate proactive measures against trending malware.

380 Million Signatures

Infected and vulnerable domains & IP feeds with attribution and IOCs. Prevent malware by protecting your infrastructure & detecting vulnerabilities.

Malware Repository

IOC repository with current MD5 hashes, SHA5, name directory, associated IPs (C2s) and attribution with actors and TTPs.

Seamless Ingestion

Our malware, IOCs and host feeds are available through a global API, allowing for rapid ingestion and custom rules. Compatible with all popular third party SIEMs.

Botnet Tracking

Resecurity’s unique siphon approach extracts the full context and raw data from every infected machine communicating to Command & Control. Allowing for deep, contextual search and understanding of victim / machine exposure.

Identify Infections

This reverse engineered botnet data extraction identifies the IP, machine names and signature data actively communicating in the botnet environment.

Understand Exposure

Keyloggers, HTTP request capturing and other malware capabilities are provided allowing you to understand when critical exposure has occurred and identify the location.

Malware Enrichment

Enrich your SOC/SIEM threat telemetry with validated IOCs, detailed file binaries, malicious IPs and attribution against other threat intelligence bodies. Massive analyzes samples from active malware communities and verified sources using packer detection and binary malware classification. Hashes of malware and ransomware are then exported into feeds and then enriched as they are classified against our other threat modules (zero-day, e-crime, breach forensics, actors etc).

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