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Global coverage of the most notorious dark web communities, black markets and cybercrime discussion forums.


Dark Web threads


Threat Actor Profiles


Threat Data & Imaging

Monitoring the dark web with with verified threat actor attribution and risk evaluation.

Open Source intelligence is just not enough. To have advanced warning you need access into deep-rooted, Dark Web communities with verifiable threat incidents.

Threat Actor History
Access Privileged Communities

Over 150 million chronological incidents, community threads, market places, exfiltrated dumps, exploit chats and more are now accessible in one place.

Manage Dark Incidents

The dark web monitoring task system allows for rapid signature/keyword import to monitor millions of results every day - with incident notifications.

Identify Threat Actors

Dark Web Intelligence with attribution: allowing you to verify every incident against historical records, threat actor history and risk profiling.

Start Monitoring Immediately.


Register Keywords/Signature Data

To get maximum results from the Dark Web, “seed data” collection relating to the unique digital footprint and company infrastructure.

Activate Dark Web Monitoring

Culls are automatically initiated from every module within the Dark Web Repository and results are output for SIEM ingestion or visual monitoring on the platform.

Learn from your findings

Dark Web findings will result in further monitoring tasks which will allow you to expand your scope of investigation and tracking.

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