Data Breach Intelligence

A data breach detection and prevention strategy is a critical step for any organization to protect lost or stolen confidential and proprietary information.


Data Breach Core Features

Over 4 Billion Data Intelligence points with attribution and breach source data are stored and searchable for actionable orchestration.

Billions of Credentials

Billions of public and non-public breach credentials, personally identifiable information and fields.

Detailed Breach Analytics

Data intelligence points are stored and searchable for actionable orchestration across all other intelligence modules.

Breach Prevention

Deep intelligence on TTPs, active zero-days and data breach indicators leveraged from e-crime locations, chatter and vulnerability detection.

Industry breaches

A data breach comes in many forms. The most common is compromised user/employee/customer accounts. Breach data structures can include unique signatures by industry and include wide variations of available details.

Compromised Emails

Third party data breaches with passwords affecting employees and customers.

PII & SPI Breach

Healthcare & medical logs, profiles and accounts of personal and sensitive nature.

Financial & CCs

Credit cards feeds, both historical & current from IRCs, Dark Web and Black Markets.


Logs, accounts and unique consumer data directly from exfiltrated servers.

Breach Context

Prevent a data breach by monitoring current exfiltration TTPs, actor capabilities and trends. MassiveIntel integrates attribution into every breach overview to give you a deeper understanding.

  • Dozens of exfiltrated fields
  • Account passwords
  • Actor IDs
  • Breach signature data
  • TTPs & attack vector used
  • PIIs
  • IPs & Geography