Building a Strong Infrastructure Threat Intelligence Program

For CIOs and Security Architects, the biggest challenge in implementing a cyber threat intelligence program which will, once and for all, bring ‘calm and order’ is the challenge of:

  1. Having a plan which can be understood at any level,
  2. Cross-department coverage of all intelligence needs (infrastructure, intelligence, monitoring, compliance, profit protection, executive etc),
  3. Threat Intelligence plan for all external matters, chatter and impending threats,
  4. Red Team network vulnerability/pen-testing assessment program
  5. Network activity monitoring and rapid-response program

Strixus is your program

Massive’s goal in building Strixus was to centralize cross-department operations into a user-based system where the full threat landscape would be visible at a glance.

The Strixus® Portal is managed by a world-class team in automated data mining, filtering and human quality control backed by a formidable Cyber Task Force; our veteran team of underground forensic operatives pulling from multiple sources and gaining entry to privileged locations to bring a quality of threat intelligence which is unrivalled. The Strixus system is never a single point of intelligence.

Dark Web Monitoring

Carefully extract hidden or blocked information from the Dark Web is an integral part of the cyber threat intelligence program. Reversed engineered bespoke rules have allowed us to look closely into ToR, I2P and IRC channels.

Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Operations

Defining the gold standard of threat intelligence, we provide unsurpassed data on the latest trends, bad actor attribution reporting and other pertinent information.

Risk Intelligence

Distinctive industry-specific intelligence derived from our underground operative sources that includes compromised: POS Networks and Terminals, Credit Cards (tokenised), Client Accounts, Money Laundering/Money Mules.

Compromised Credentials, Feeds and Alerts

Using botnet interception techniques, sinkholes and data scraping, these alerts identify the exposure of email addresses and associated passwords linked to malicious breaches.

Open Source Intelligence (Google Etc)

Our cyber threat intelligence program with Strixus includes monitoring coverage of all popular search engines and their foreign counter-parts. If it is indexed it will be detected.

Passive Infrastructure Assessments

Passively monitor your Internet-facing infrastructure to give you an “attacker’s eye view” of what open sources are recording and reporting about your exposed infrastructure such as open and vulnerable ports, typo squatting, exfiltration symptoms.

Penetration Testing

Cryptanalysis and reverse engineering threat actor patterns can usually let us trace back a breach to the vulnerability. Penetration testing is key to a strong cyber intelligence program with everything from basic vulnerability assessments to Red Teaming.

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