Cyber criminals are increasingly turning their attention to financial institutions and credit card activity to conduct fraud. Banks are especially vulnerable despite investing millions of dollars a year on cyber security.

Credit Card Intelligence Service

  • Credit Card track 1 & 2 data from hundreds of thousands of infected POS terminals
  • BIN Scans of the blackmarket card dumps
  • Using HUMINT and SIGINT approaches to uncover private trading
  • Pre-sorting of all Cards and affected Consumer details
  • Reverse engineering card breach incidents
  • Track & Capture source of the breach
  • Financial malware family analysis (Hash 5s, IOCs etc)

Massive’s threat intelligence feeds assist banking institutions through providing verified, contemporary, compromised cards and accounts.

Through raw data interception and real-time feed Banks can take immediate action. Pulling data from the dark web and black markets, these data streams are intercepted for threat notification and analysis.

Massive works behind the scenes to protect some of the globe’s largest banks and institutions to provide real-time threat reports and notifications which signify that the banks have been breached (data exists out there) or will be targeted in the future.

Consolidating All Card Feed Sources

Many Banks use multiple threat feed vendors to attempt to plug the hole of credit card fraud.  Massive has integrated over a dozen of the most popular credit card feed companies into our own feeds to allow for full coverage, weeding out old and false positives and to ensure quality control.

 Credit Card Feeds
Our Threat Intelligence Feeds are available through multiple channels:

  • Black Market Card Dumps
  • Chat Room Card Trading
  • Easily interpreted API in standard XML/JSON format
  • Threat Actor profiling

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