Botnets are the leading source of data leaks, with rampant botnet attacks being targeted towards large organizations, government agencies and law enforcement units.

Botnet attacks help attackers steal personal information, clobber sites in DOS attacks, send spam and infiltrate basic or advanced malware.

The ease with which botnets can be diffused is a factor that is contributing towards their growth. And the increase in their sophistication is leading to developments such as the following:

  • Hardware-lockdown to activate malware on a system after infection
  • Sandbox awareness to prevent the function of antimalware signatures
  • Advanced cryptography in communications with C2 servers

The majority of botnet victims don’t even know that their servers, networks and systems have been breached; these continue to operate normally as the attack infects them with a malicious code or other virus. Cyber-espionage can encompass tens of thousands of infected machines spread across multiple botnets, so each botnet looks like a small-size operation and gets ignored.

Massive’s methodology to track botnets is by intercepting and capturing spreading malware via automated analysis. This can be used to extract botnet related information from the file.  Massive’s Threat Intelligence Feeds are collated extracts of raw data on the botnets’ data feed itself. By leveraging such solutions, organizations can actively stream terabytes of information from compromised locations, and this can be cross-indexed with logical rules to determine if a company’s digital infrastructure, its assets and employees are being siphoned actively for information.

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