Cyber Intelligence & Reputation Control

Massive assists telecommunication companies in minimising cyber security risks. Our actionable intelligence services help your firm grow safely in a risky digital environment.

Today’s telecommunication industry is a complex mix of varied technologies deployed over the years. It is being increasingly targeted by hackers looking to disrupt and intercept network communications. These attacks are coming from individuals, organisations, and even state-sponsored agencies.

The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2014 asked 457 telecom executives worldwide to interpret and measure how they take action against today’s cyber threats. The results were surprising; for instance, there has been a rise in the annual attacks against critical infrastructure, but the telecom executives detected 17% fewer attacks over last year, compared to 2012.

Respondents also said that the financial costs pertaining to security incidents had declined, but the security incidents according to the overall security respondents from all industries increased by 25%. This implies that the telecom industry is using old security practices that may be ineffective in detecting and counteracting today’s sophisticated cyber attacks.

Integrating security in a complex infrastructure

Massive’s Resecurity® Global Early Warning System provides cyber intelligence and internet monitoring solution with unrivalled accuracy and quality. The platform is proactive in locating data loss, threats, and impending attacks to your organisation.

Industry leading security options for your organisation

Resecurity® Global Early Warning System™
A real-time managed service active 24/7 covering the full scope of our intelligence and mitigation services.
Resecurity® Cyber Threat Assessment™
Designed for single, quarterly or periodic threat reports with global or geographically pointed topical intelligence.
Resecurity® VIP™
Protect your key players from targeted cyber attacks, physical harm or reputation damage with options designed for individuals.

Staying in line with regulatory standards

The telecom industry deals with millions of customer records and sensitive information, so it should define security policies in compliance with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to avoid heavy fines and investigations that are followed by security breaches.

Massive will align its pioneer technology to locate and flag security incidents which are violating regulatory policies. These can be customised for any areas of concern for telecom companies, including internal security infrastructure.

Common incidents:

  • Zero-day attacks
  • Malicious components
  • Illegal interception of network traffic
  • Physical attacks
  • Sensitive data leaks
  • Bring-your-own-device threats
  • Unauthorised access to network databases

We understand that detection of sophisticated threats is only one half of the picture. As most reports state, insufficient action is being taken to safeguard critical infrastructure which affects consumers, investors, shareholders, and telecom markets. Massive’s Cyber Task Force will work in conjunction with your communications vision to close security loopholes and shutdown impending threats.

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