Massive provides and all-source intelligence solution for insurance companies to solve challenges in detection, prevention and mitigation of impending cyber threats.

With a growing number attacks against the insurance industry, Massive has tightly integrated the US and European data security regulations and uniquely oriented bespoke rules into our monitoring and intelligence systems.

Massive Alliance works with national and international insurance carriers and private insurance entities with challenges in early detection of data loss, threat actor activity and data breach prevention.

Through the Resecurity platform insurance companies are using Resecurity to resolve challenges in:

  • Dark web monitoring
  • Threat actor identification
  • Data breach investigations and reports
  • Black market trading of exfiltrated data
  • Regulatory security compliance tasks
  • Exposed PII data and SPI logs
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Malware & botnets affecting customers or employees
  • Threat detection can be focused around internal security policies or even national data protection laws.

The Resecurity solution provides the insurance industry with all-source dark web and incident monitoring. We assist internal security teams locating threats, preventing data loss, corporate espionage and blocking cyber attacks proactively.

For every one hundred ways insurance companies secure their systems there are one thousand points of entry for an adversary. As the old saying goes, “security is only as good as its weakest link”. At Massive, we use external detection tools to locate those weak links and provide an exposure report so they can be effectively resolved. This methodology is not pen testing or an internal systems audit; we look through the eyes of the threat actor and locate anything prying eyes would.

Dark Web Monitoring & Feeds

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