Cyber Threat Mitigation & Reputation Management

Unrivalled Healthcare cyber intelligence and mitigation services detect security incidents at their earliest and allow for faster response times.

The current cybersecurity practices adopted by healthcare providers are lax compared to other sectors, which makes them vulnerable to attacks by hackers searching for health insurance data and personal patient records. This kind of data is far more valuable on the black market than credit card information as it contains details associated with controlled substances prescriptions and bank accounts.

A recent study is a reminiscent of the claim. It examined security performance across four different sectors from April 2013 to March 2014. The results revealed that a pair of healthcare companies had the lowest score of all companies examined, and the number of security incidents in the healthcare sector also increased during the study period.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation also stated in a private notice to healthcare providers that their industry is not as resilient to cyber intrusions as retail and financial industries, so the possibility of increased security incidents is likely. A report also stated that the healthcare sector dominated the data breach incidents in the US, accounting for 4 out of 10 data breach incidents last year.

The bespoke approach

Massive specialises in actionable cyber intelligence, threat mitigation, and reputation management. We understand the issues faced by healthcare systems to detect threats early enough to take adequate measures. Massive’s Resecurity® cyber intelligence service takes care of it.

We provide:

  • Detection of patient records meant for internal use only, leaked sensitive information and healthcare systems with details vulnerable to attacks.
  • External monitoring for detection and mitigation of impending data breach threats and organised cyber attacks across the dark web locations, websites, media and social media.
  • With bespoke options, you get real-time reports on threats that can cause damage to your reputation. Resecurity® gives you complete control over your global reputation.
  • Cyber investigations to expose insider threats, system vulnerabilities and security loopholes.
  • Real-time intelligence to detect and stop adversaries before they cause damage.

The Resecurity® intelligence platform includes

Resecurity® Global Early Warning System™ – A real-time managed service active 24/7 covering the full scope of our intelligence and mitigation services.
Resecurity® Cyber Threat Assessment™ – Designed for single, quarterly or periodic threat reports with global or geographically pointed topical intelligence.
Resecurity® VIP™ – Protect your key players from targeted cyber attacks, physical harm or reputation damage with options designed for individuals.

Compliance with industry standards

As healthcare providers deal with millions of patient records, which are directly associated with sensitive information, regulatory bodies such as the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FIMSA (Federal Information Security Management Act) are quick to penalise protocol violations.

The solution by Massive ensures compliance by locating and flagging protocol violations and presenting reports for adoption adequate measures that comply with regulatory guidelines. These reports can be customised for the concerned areas of healthcare institutes, including internal security protocols.

Incident samples:

  • Insider violations
  • Un-secured transfer of data between clinics, hospitals, or internally
  • Leak of sensitive patient data
  • Healthcare devices exploit
  • Patient records sold on black markets
  • Online healthcare payment scams
  • Phishing
  • Email scams

Detecting these violations is not enough. Most reports tell us that the healthcare industry is far behind other sectors in combating and resolving threats which affect patients. Massive’s Cyber Task Force will work with your communications divisions to detect impending threats and shut them down before they reach system end points.

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