The scope of threats (unknown and known) post new risks for government organisations, especially as the sector adapts new technologies and collaborates with private sector companies to exchange security information.

For thriving in a fast-paced, high risk digital environment, technology and software companies need to take control of their reputation and security with proven actionable intelligence that protects their critical infrastructure.

The government involvement is a necessity to assist private sector companies to determine cyber threat prevention strategies. However, weaknesses in a country’s federal government systems put risk to its financial markets, emergency response systems, and citizen’s personal information.

Just earlier in the year, the US government, French, British, and Israeli defense agencies faced a string DOS attacks and hacking attacks. Though the sector is taking measure such as the US Cybersecurity Framework to deal with the ever-expanding data-banks, it needs strategic cyber intelligence for thriving against big data vulnerabilities.

Overcoming cyber security weaknesses

Strixus® Global Early Warning System keeps an eye on internal and external technologies and systems used by the government. Massive’s team, supported by intelligence groups around the world, is effective in battling overwhelming threat challenges in the sector.

What to expect from us?
  • Expose true faces of adversaries behind national level attacks; determine the root cause and source of your problem.
  • A detailed scoop of attack discussion against the government sector and its agencies.
  • Locating instances of privacy breaches and unauthorised access to government websites in 26 different languages.
  • Periodic threat reports to help you determine system level vulnerabilities and external loopholes.
  • Real-time monitoring to protect government organisations against external threats.
Leveraging Massive’s pioneer technology

Strixus Global Early Warning System™ – A real-time managed service active 24/7 covering the full scope of our intelligence and mitigation services.
Strixus Cyber Threat Assessment™ – Designed for single, quarterly or periodic threat reports with global or geographically pointed topical intelligence.
Strixus VIP™ – Protect your key players from targeted cyber attacks, physical harm or reputation damage with options designed for individuals.

Regulatory cyber compliance

The government sector is expected to remain an attractive target for hacking activists as it collects sensitive information from both private and public sectors, and can be used to attack other sectors in a country.

The government agencies and groups, as a result, need to boost cyber security against massive surveillance. In the US, a stronger version of the USA Freedom Act Bill is one of the steps taken to increase transparency, but the government needs to do more. Massive’s intelligence services will protect the sector against cyber incidents breaching regulatory guidelines.

Attack incidents:

  • Federal level infiltration
  • Planned attacks on government computers
  • Leaked national level information
  • Stolen private sector information
  • DoS and DDoS attacks
  • MySQL attacks
  • Heartbleed Bug
  • Zero day attacks
  • Phishing attacks

Massive’s Cyber Task Force is a cyber security solution that assists governments to fight cyber espionage at a national level.

government The government sector needs to improve its cyber defense strategies.