State & National sponsored cyber threats affecting government & military entities

The scope of cyber threats post new risks for government organizations. As the cyber sector adapts new technologies and collaborates with private sector companies, Massive’s goal is to exchange security information for cross-government threat intelligence coverage.

In a fast-paced, high risk digital environment, Government Organizations with proven actionable intelligence are the ones that protect their critical infrastructure and national security. Government intelligence funnel lines may not extend to departments and external organizations leaving each entity responsible for protecting it’s infrastructure and assets.

Weaknesses in State or Federal government entities put risk to political strategies, financial markets, emergency response systems and citizen’s with the exposure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Sponsored attacks are the primary cause of contemporary government espionage.

Threat Intelligence Vectors

The government sector of any nation can expect to remain an attractive target for hacking activists and advanced persistent threat actors as it collects sensitive or critical information from both private and public sectors.

Massive’s government and military critical incident repository continues to grow with millions of actors, chatter logs, exploit trading and data breaches. All with cross-topic attribution.

Critical Global & National Threat Intelligence

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