Industry Intelligence

Banking & Financial

Global financial intelligence (FININT) coverage of vendors, consumers and financial infrastructure.

Massive works with tier-1 banks, hedge funds and e-payment organizations to provide global financial threat intelligence relating to APTs and e-crime intelligence affecting systems, employees, consumers and vendors.

External cyber threat intelligence and dark web monitoring solutions unrivalled in accuracy and depth. Locate threats, data loss and impending attacks early enough to be proactive.

Bank Compliance & Regulation

When dealing with millions of costumer records and financial transactions, Regulators are quick to jump on any protocol violations, breach or crisis with investigations, audits and, of course, heavy fines. Massive solves this constant challenge with it’s managed bank intelligence services. Insurance investigations, post-breach response protocols and reporting are supported within this platform.

Module-based Financial Intelligence

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor active persistent threats targeting the financial industry or bank within the dark web. Track threat actors, carders, money laundering and fraud traders with detailed profiles, full context chatter and imagery.

Financial Malware Intelligence

Access to global malware targeting banks and financial institutions. Stay ahead with detailed IOC reports and threat attribution.

Financial Data Breach Prevention

Prevent Data Breaches through signature monitoring across all MassiveIntel’s modules. Look for targeted chatter, infected systems, compromised employees and threat activity surrounding your infrastructure.

Credit Card Fraud Monitoring

With access to hundreds of millions of individual threads and card traders, MassiveIntel will pull all BIN signatures from he dark web and market places into an active feed.

Zero-Day Intelligence (ZDI)

High volume reporting on Zero-Day traders with IOCs, attribution, trend reports and patch recommendations.

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