Massive works with tier-1 banks and financial institutions to provide threat intelligence, allowing them to grow safely in a high-risk digital environment.

Banks, lenders and financial institutions are plagued with the highest instance of cyber crime. The “creative” attack vectors are numerous with dedicated underground movements and an entire black market economy established through financial cyber crime. In 2013, we saw over 12 billion dollars in damages and financial losses globally through cyber criminal activity targeting banks alone.

You can now be proactive

Providing external cyber threat intelligence and online monitoring solutions with unrivalled in accuracy, depth and quality of reports. We understand the problem of faced by internal security teams to locate threats, data loss and impending attacks early enough to be proactive. Strixus fills this void.

What we can provide
  • Real-time monitoring & detection of impending security breaches, data theft and organised cyber attacks across millions of web platforms, media, social media and the dark web (TOR, I2P and IRC chat locations).
  • Detection of confidentially marked documents meant for internal eyes only, customer details and data, leaked sensitive code and systems information providing technical details for attacks.
  • With bespoke engine rules, you will have complete eyes on the global reputation of your brand, key executives, projects and acquisitions and investments. Real-time alerts on reputation threats.
  • Mitigation through technical, legal are arbitration means to effectively shut down adversary operations.
  • Cyber investigations to expose those behind cyber criminal activities.
  • On-the-ground intelligence and background investigations of detected actors.
Bespoke options based on your needs

Strixus Global Early Warning System™ – A real-time managed service active 24/7 covering the full scope of our intelligence and mitigation services.
Strixus Cyber Threat Assessment™ – Designed for single, quarterly or periodic threat reports with global or geographically pointed topical intelligence.
Strixus VIP™ – Protect your key players from targeted cyber attacks, physical harm or reputation damage with options designed for individuals.

Enforcement of regulatory standards

When dealing with millions of consumer records and financial records Regulators are quick to jump on any protocol violations, breach or crisis with investigations, audits and, of course, heavy fines. Massive solves this constant challenge with it’s managed intelligence services and aggressive mitigation options.

With bespoke engine rules, we will align the search algorithm to locate and flag violations of protocol or impending threats which directly violate or overstep regulatory guidelines, policies and protocol. These can be customised for the unique areas of concerns for the bank, it’s local or national policies and even internal security protocols.

Incident samples:

  • Employee security violations
  • Employee reputation violations (social media, forums, chatrooms etc)
  • Un-secured data transfers between branches, offices or internally
  • Sensitive document leaks
  • Underground discussion of impending breach strategies
  • Your consumers’ data being sold on the black markets
  • BYOD exploits
  • Online scams
  • Phishing

We understand that the detection of these threats is not enough. Daily global headlines tell us the story of “insufficient action” being taken internally to resolve threats which affect consumers, shareholders and public markets. Massive’s Cyber Task Force will work closely with your internal security and corporate communications divisions to effectively investigate and shutdown these threats as they are located.

Financial InstitutionsFinancial institutions, banks and lending groups are the first targets for cyber criminal activity.

Targeted Threat Intelligence with Strixus®

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