Working with high-risk industries to mitigate and effectively shut down threats.
  • Multi-national companies
  • Government agencies
  • Law and investigation firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Software / Media companies
  • Intellectual Property holders & protectors
  • High net worth/high-profile individuals

This services uses our global network of carefully placed controllers who reside in high-risk countries. This allows us to utilise national intelligence agencies, both private and public to get on-the-ground intel which would have been previously unaccessible.

Massive works with strategic partners and intelligence organizations across the globe with deep placements in cyber criminal rings and organised crime groups.

Technology has forced traditional criminal activity into the digital sphere. A 2012 Norton cyber crime report stated that one was 3 times more likely to become a target of cyber crime than a physical crime. This necessitates new counter strategies to utilise modern cyber intelligence operations in tandem with traditional, on-the-ground intelligence. No picture is complete without it. Massive scope as a cyber investigations service covers the full spectrum from cyber threat intelligence services to authority liaison for criminal activity.

A global network

Fuelled with the latest technology in cyber forensics and backed by global partners who can provide human analysis we take intelligence one step further to protect the integrity of individuals, corporations, facilities employees and intellectual property.

To accomplish this we customise each case to the client’s challenges and utilise a unique methodology of cross-indexing across broad threat vectors, honing in on repeat names and interconnections within smaller groups. Our goal is to uncover and expose these threat actors so that effective action can be taken to truly shut down operations using local or national authorities or through technical means.