Executive Articles

3 Employee Traits That Help Scale a Tech Business

An IT firm is only as good as its people. The U.S. had one million vacant IT jobs last year, but employers are challenged with a talent shortage in fields such as programming…

How to File a DMCA Takedown and Protect Your Reputation

In the age of the internet and social media, it’s easier than ever for people to steal intellectual property — intentionally or unintentionally. The trick is knowing how to combat it when it happens to you.

Are You Entertained? The Internet Mob and Its Lust for Blood

When boredom, bloodthirstiness, and the internet come together, ruination follows — of lives and businesses.

Jeff Bezos’ 3-question rule for hiring new Amazon employees—and how to answer them right

Even in its early years, when the online retailer had just 2,100 employees, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was fastidious about hiring the strongest employees possible.

How to Manage (and Repair) Your Business’ Online Reputation

Every so often, a company might find that it needs to get a web page taken off the Internet. This could be for any number of reasons, but some of the most common include…

Bettering Your Brand & Safeguarding Your Reputation: How To Build A Digital Wall

In the digital age, a company’s reputation and its search results are inextricably linked. For good or bad, the results people see when they do a Google search will make a profound difference in how they react and what they buy.

The limits of reputation management: a case study of Johnson & Johnson

As someone who helps both individuals and companies with reputation management, I gravitate towards stories that have serious implications for companies, brands, and people.

How to Become a Leadership Influencer

We’re witnessing the evolution of a new leadership breed and its ability to drive meaningful dialogue at a macro level.

How Hackers Take Advantage of a Crisis

While people are focused on maintaining their physical and fiscal health, there’s another threat they’re likely not considering — a digital one.