A data breach can cripple the integrity and trust of a business. Traditional crisis responses, system hardening and long-winded (expensive) forensic audits are not enough to satisfy affected consumers and stakeholders.

Most businesses or government are not prepared for a data breach and what we see as a result is the recurring headlines of today; Multi-national corporations slammed with heavy lawsuits, entire company Boards being voted out by shareholders for oversight and endless streams of bad media eating away at the image that business has been working on for decades to build. The average data breach costs £40,000,000 ($70m in USD) in legal, lost revenue and relations and incident response.

Truly effective solutions to a data breach

Massive approaches a data breach from a uniquely aggressive angle, currently unavailable within other security or crisis agencies. As an expert in nullifying threats and mitigating challenging security issues, Massive has assisted in hundreds of data breaches around the world. From a medical data breach to a bank data breach, insurance and government, Massive will provide the solutions to actively locate, track and remove your data from public eyes, shut down trading operations and even assist in the capture of the threat actors involved.

Our services:

  • Notify you of the earliest moment of an impending or existing breach,
  • Neutralise the threat of data release and,
  • Stop these actors from exploiting and targeting the business again.
Data breach notification system

Massive operates behind the scenes protecting some of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies and institutions to provide notification and real-time threat reports which signify that the business will be targeted (future) or if they have been breached (data exists out there).

For more information see our Strixus system – A real-time managed service, active 24/7 covering the full scope of our intelligence and mitigation services.

Bank Data Breach

Massive’s Strixus system picked up on a “data dump” on the dark web with records of customer transaction details and account numbers. The client was notified instantly and we then proceeded to remove the content from the web. Once done Forensics got involved and we setup honeypots to lure the sale of this data out of the woodwork. We were then able to capture vital payment details and mobilise local authorities to move in for criminal arrests and confiscation of hardware containing the raw data.

Healthcare data breach

Due to weak links in this healthcare company’s firewall, cyber criminals gathered over 700 sensitive documents relating to financials and systems. Massive located these in non-English forums and effectively removed all trace. We then mobilised our ground-intel team to profile the criminal ring using the forums and engaged in intricate operations to identify the group involved.

Electronic payment site breach

Help was requested to investigate a possible breach of employee account details of an ePay company. Espionage was already the suspected cause of the incident with multiple names on the table. Our task force initiated a forensic investigation of each of the suspects using all intelligence and investigation channels available (ground and cyber). We then located the source and gathered evidence of and ex-employee, trading administrative data to overseas buyers.

 Data Breach Specialists
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