Your brand, trademark or products are more at risk of infringement, theft, duplication and counterfeiting than ever before. There many scenarios which come under “brand protection”, so here we will cover a few.

The Grey Market is a coined term to describe the selling of counterfeit or unauthorised goods or products online. This can commonly be found where someone sets up an online business selling products (such as cell phones or digital products) which have been illegally labelled with the official brand label or logo. It can also be cheap duplicates of these goods being sold online. Most online counterfeit websites will 1) try sell overseas, 2) cover their identity with payment systems outside the legal jurisdiction of the official brand’s country and 3) hide themselves from being discovered using online cloaking systems. Our team has an extremely high success rate in resolving matters of Brand or Trademark infringement through:

  • Disclosing the identity of the owner and his contacts
  • Providing evidence of theft, infringement and counterfeiting
  • Assisting in providing further evidence for legal action
  • Assisting in getting the site or product taken offline
Intellectual Property Theft

If you suspect or know of any intellectual property theft from your firm, we can assist in location the criminal and providing evidence for legal action. Our online investigations team will require any information or evidence you have and have had great success in proving everything you need to stop the culprit.

Massive has assisted in cases of:

  • Digital Piracy
  • Cybersquatting
  • Fake social profiles used to ruse customers
  • Unauthorised use of brand trademarks and material
  • Mis-representation
  • Overseas counterfeit products

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