Brand Character Assassination

Customer Problem

The situation was grim for this financial firm. After almost 10 years of unprecedented growth, the firm took a hit when a sour batch of ex-employees and competitors got together to destroy its reputation online. Within a year, the firm had lost over 50% in revenue from lost clients and vendors.

In total, there were over 1300 pages of lies, slander and defamation. Legal action had gone nowhere.

Massive’s Solution

We provided 4 months of online reputation management. Our strategy included proactive reputation management through creating new company websites designed for consumer interaction, a concurrent media & PR campaign and finally, activating litigation with hosting companies, website owners and review websites who were displaying and instigating the negative content.


Within 4 months we had the brand’s search pages 1-5 on Google, Yahoo and Bing completely clear of all lies and defamation. The financial firm recovered within 4 months to its previous revenue range and the slander campaign was shut down.