Executive Reputation Management

Customer Problem

As a smaller voice in the industry, the client found themselves drowning in a highly competitive environment. The company products were new, more efficient, and yet relatively unknown. The company’s VP was competing on speaker circuits and public relations with larger and “more attractive” companies in financial intelligence and FinTech.

Stress points

  • PR pitches were falling on deaf ears
  • Not enough time to codify, design and write leadership content
  • Undefined executive positioning on a national scale.

The technology behind corporate due diligence, supply chain and vendor selection, background checks and credibility scoring is becoming available to most enterprise organizations. What this means for B2B, B2C, and Partner Agencies, is the potential loss of business to algorithms and scoring is increasing year by year.


Our executive impact analysis showed that while the brand had a strong SaaS platform and the product offerings were sound, the executives themselves were relatively unknown outside of their niche and all brand efforts were focused on the products.

Massive’s Solution

The launch of the Executive Leadership Branding subscription started by identifying who within the company had the strongest connection with the consumer market. 3 executives were named including the CEO, VP Public Sector and Chief Technology Officer.

Rollout began at month 1 with the following implementation.

  • Defining the executive persona for each executive
  • Content analysis of over 50 mainstream publications to match the executives’ key knowledge areas with Editorial demands.
  • Building thought leadership foundation content online for each executive.

The executives were then introduced to our editorial network and 6 authorship columns on high authority publications were secured, all with bylines and links back to the brand.


  • Every executive was published monthly on the secured platforms.
  • Brand recognition increased by 400%.
  • Readership impact totaling 18 million in the first 6 months.
  • Page 1 of Google for each executive became rich with leadership content.