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How to Improve Your Hotel’s Reputation

If you own or manage a hotel, you know that online reviews and digital presence are one of the best sources of new customers. Having an excellent reputation will help you gain more customers and you need to continually improve it to be the best.

How to Respond to Critics and Write a Successful Rebuttal

There is no doubt that the first step to restoring your reputation is making your voice heard. As facts can’t be judged with only one version told, your turn will come to explain why you are right, or – at least – state the “truth” as you see it.

Public Relations: The Force Behind Real Internet Results

Harnessing the power of media contacts, online publications, creative strategies, social engagement and much more, the Public Relations industry has the internet at its finger tips.

The Ultimate Guide to Avoid and Resolve Negative Reviews

Bad reviews can destroy a business. How do you avoid bad reviews from happening, or if they exist, how do you remove them?