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A Quick Guide To Boost Your Google Ranking – Tools You Must Have For An SEO Audit

Your website is the “hub” of your online image. It’s a very valuable, intangible asset. Protecting your assets and investments

Managing Your Online Reputation in The Travel Industry

Internationally, the travel and hospitality industry generates nearly 7.6 trillion dollars per year. That’s a lot. If you work in these spaces, your online reputation is could be at stake.

How to Get Press Contacts and Pitch a Journalist in Today’s Digital Age

I have numerous press and Journalist contacts that I work with. I’ve screwed up my fair share of pitches––believe me. However, I have weathered the storm and pushed through to build my database over time.

Travel Influencer Marketing: A New Age of Travel Consumers

Modern consumers make most of their travel and hospitality/hoteling choices based on online reviews or articles and so the online reputation of businesses in the travel industry matter more than ever before.

Cyber Week in Review: Enigma, UK Charities & Cloud Services

Each week we bring you the latest cyber attack news from around the globe. Some weeks we travel the globe, […]

Why the Transportation Industry Needs to Take Cyber Threats More Seriously in 2017

It is like a scene from a movie: digitally-savvy threat actors take control of traffic lights to make their exit, […]

Should Companies be Fined for Inadequate Cyber Security Protection

On the heels of a global cyber security attack that cost billions, the United Kingdom is considering legislation that would […]

Ukraine’s Postal Service Targeted by a Two-Day-Long Cyber Attack

Ukraine, home to cafes, gold-roofed cathedrals and beautiful ski resorts, also boasts the second-largest army in Europe (after Russia). Given […]

Hundreds of Thousands Affected in Private Health Insurance Provider Breach

There are numerous types of data stored by digital means that can be extremely valuable to attackers. The personal information […]