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Protecting Our Kids: Are Schools Properly Limiting Students’ Online Access

Technology and cyberspace have become more widely used than ever.  It has become part and parcel of the daily operations […]

Cyber Security in the Healthcare Industry: Should the Government Intervene?

What do you want your doctor to be concerned about?  The latest diagnostic technology.  The best treatment for your medical […]

Rhode Island UHIP Breach Affects an Estimated 5,600 Individuals

The Rhode Island Unified Health Infrastructure Program (UHIP) is a system implemented within the state that was designed to facilitate […]

The Doctor is Hacked: Is the Healthcare Industry Doing Enough to Protect Your Medical Data

While cyber attackers can attack virtually any type of organization for illicit gains, there tend to be certain sectors or […]

Forget Antivirus Protection: Why You Should Focus on Whitelisting

Whitelisting has been around since the days of dial-up, but you might not be using it.  It’s the answer to […]

Ransomware Victims: Why You Should Never Give into Criminal Demands

Ransomware has continued to grow as one of the most commonly employed types of cyber attacks.  More and more organizations […]

Sensitive Information of 20,000 Customers Exposed in Scottrade Bank Data Breach

The security of customer information and data is one of the most critical necessities of an organization, especially in our […]

Internal Documents and Personal Records Compromised in North Carolina State Government Breach

State governments can hold highly personal and confidential information which needs to be protected.  Not only do they have data […]

Cyber Week in Review: Saks Fifth Ave, Gmail & Technion Institute of Technology

Well, sports fans, if you want to take a break from March Madness, how about some fantastic phishing?  In this […]