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Week in Review: Clinton Foundation, Trump Campaign & NSA

Keeping up with the latest in cyber security news?  The heat is on in the political (read: government) arena.  We […]

Your LinkedIn Is Used As First Point Of Entry By Hackers

You’ve taken some time to build up a reputation on LinkedIn and make strong connections, so it is wise to protect your account in every way possible. Here are a few measures you can take.

What Charities & Nonprofits Need To Know About Data Breaches

The words ‘data breach’ are usually associated with hacks at large-scale retailers such as Target and Home Depot. But did […]

The Banking Sector: Cyber Threats To Watch Out For In 2015

Cyber threats continue to be a leading concern for the banking industry. According to a poll conducted by PwC, capital […]

Should You Be Worried About Privacy Of Retailer Beacons?

Americans are concerned over the news that beacons are being installed in retail stores, phone booths, and airports. These are […]

What’s The Future Of Cloud Encryption Technology?

Enterprises that have made cloud computing an essential part of their critical infrastructure are experiencing real benefits, but they also […]

1 Billion Data Records Compromised By 1500 Hacks Last Year

According to a new research, more than 1 billion data records were stolen from more than 1,500 hacks in 2014. […]

Retailers Saw 61 Million Customer Records Compromised Last Year

We recently reported about the rise in cost of recovering from data breaches in 2014. Now a new report from […]

Anunak Hackers Group Steals Millions From Banks & ATMs With Ease

A newly-found group of cyber hackers conducted targeted attacks and espionage over 12 months and collected millions of dollars.