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Getting Published: Here are 7 Powerful Strategies I’ve Used for 5 Years

In 2014, I started writing content on LinkedIn — after a few articles, I was looking to land a mainstream […]

Massive launches exclusive solutions for Nigerian Corporate Communications & Executive teams

Massive has increased its presence in Nigeria and Ghana and have launched new service opportunities available to African organisations and […]

An opportunity for executives during the crisis

Concealed under the adversity of any crisis, the potential for growth exists. If we look at the broader definition of […]

Mainstream media outlets are begging for industry experts like you — here’s why

Access to media authorship is difficult and uncharted. These days, you would think that the code to accessing and using […]

Leadership Branding: 8 Easy Steps To Become An Executive Influencer

It’s not just social influencers who are leveraging the strength of social media. Today we see industry executives assuming the role as influencers as a key strategy to shape brands and trends.

Media Services Tailored for Energy Companies: How to Control Your Energy Brand

The energy industry is a fickle thing. Energy services from large companies are subject to negative reviews and frequent customer complaints.

How to Get Press Contacts and Pitch a Journalist in Today’s Digital Age

I have numerous press and Journalist contacts that I work with. I’ve screwed up my fair share of pitches––believe me. However, I have weathered the storm and pushed through to build my database over time.

Best Practices for Online Reputation of Energy and Utility Companies

In the last year Massive Alliance has been working with a number of local and national energy and utility companies. Our task; to resolve what seems to be a widespread weakness in reputation management and online public relations resulting in lower conversions and a poor online image.

Cyber Week in Review: Equifax, Schuyler County Sheriff’s Department & US Power Grid

Another week goes by in the cyberverse and more action continues in the world of cyber security. Some weeks remain […]