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Wrong Turn Ahead: Advanced Vehicle Technology Could be Putting Your Safety at Risk

The technological leaps that we make in our society every single year are beyond impressive.  Devices are being connected to […]

Licking County, Ohio Computer Systems Become Victim of Cyber Attack

A recent cyber attack made it necessary for Licking County, Ohio to shut down several systems to address the problem.  […]

6 Cyber Security Issues Raised in Final Report from Obama

President Obama tasked the bipartisan Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity and on December 1, 2016, they released their report.  This […]

How Seriously Should We Be Taking Clowning Threats?

Bad ideas can be contagious.  Pet rocks sell, summer tent pole movies repeat, and Farmville cost many a “friend.”  So […]

Hackers, Terrorists & Criminals – How to Prevent Cyber Attacks

With the drastic increase in cyber security breaches, it is now more important than ever to protect yourself and your […]

Importance Of Reputation Management For The Insurance Industry

As seen in various parts of the globe, there is a growing customer awareness about the operation of insurance companies. This has caused a shift towards a market in which customer choice becomes the defining factor in selection of a company.

Health Insurer Anthem Data Breach & Its Consequences

One of the largest health insurer in the US, Anthem, revealed on Wednesday that one of its IT systems suffered […]

Australian Government & Travel Insurance Sites Face Data Hacks

Aussie Travel Cover, one of Australia’s leading travel insurers, was compromised in an illegal data breach incident, which exposed data […]

Insurance Cyber Intelligence To Protect The Industry Against Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks against the insurance industry have increased substantially in the last year and are expected to grow as more and more insurance companies engage in activity through online channels.