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Cyber Attack Results in Extortion of Plastic Surgery Center and Their Clients

Many different types of organizations are targeted by cyber attackers for various reasons.  It could be to illicitly gain funds […]

Over 2000 Patients Affected in Breach of University of Wisconsin

Cyber attacks have become one of the largest threats that our society faces. As we continue to implement further technologies […]

Ingraham County Considering $2M Cyber Security Fortification in Wake of Attempted Cyber Attack Last Month

Cyber attacks can cause an extremely wide range of damage and loss. An attack of a significant magnitude can result […]

Cyber Risks Growing Greater for Insurance Industry in 2017

Cyber threats have become a major risk in the insurance industry with an increasing number of consumer health and financial […]

Primary Care Specialists, Inc Hit By Ransomware that Affected Patient Information

The digital age has continued to provide high-value targets for cyber attackers.  Being that virtually every organization now has data […]

Is Your Financial Advisor Safeguarding Your Assets

The financial industry is no stranger to being barraged by cyber threats.  In fact, financial services institutions have typically been […]

Cyber Security in the Healthcare Industry: Should the Government Intervene?

What do you want your doctor to be concerned about?  The latest diagnostic technology.  The best treatment for your medical […]

Cyber Attack on McDonald’s Canada Leads to Exposure of 95,000 Job Applicant’s Personal Information

The McDonald’s Canada career website has suffered an extensive data breach. Those who applied online for a job at the […]

Thousands of Welsh NHS Staff’s Data Compromised in Cyber Attack

Healthcare organizations can often be heavily targeted by cyber attackers.  A variety of illicit gains can be obtained from these […]