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The Cost of a Global Cyber Attack

Can you imagine a scenario in which a major cyber security event had zero impact on your business and the […]

Hundreds of Thousands Affected in Private Health Insurance Provider Breach

There are numerous types of data stored by digital means that can be extremely valuable to attackers. The personal information […]

Cyber Week in Review: DDoS Service, Data Breach Costs & China’s Wall

Each week we bring you some of the top news in cyber security from around the globe. This week truly […]

The Increasing Cyber Threat to Law Firms

While cyber attacks can hit anywhere, certain industries get more than their fair share of the fire: healthcare, banking, federal […]

Why Financial Advisors are Increasing Their Cyber Security

Financial markets and analysis always involve an element of risk—it’s part of the game and can even be part of […]

Cyber Attacks are Exposing Weaknesses in Cyber Security

Crime breeds copycats. Before the internet, news of a crime had to spread through the media or word-of-mouth, but it […]

UK Car Insurance Company Suffers Data Breach from an Exposed Server

Data breaches can be one of the most damaging things to happen to an organization. The damage extends beyond just […]

Torrance Memorial Medical Center Hit By Phishing Attack

Phishing campaigns are one of the most prominent types of cyber attacks. They can be very simply crafted by attackers […]

Molina Healthcare Online Portal Vulnerability Could Have Led to Unauthorized Access to Patient Records

Patient medical records can hold extremely large amounts of sensitive information about an individual. This is what often makes them […]