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The Biggest Medical Cyber Security Breaches of 2017

Privacy in the medical profession is rightfully serious. Since the enactment of the HIPAA rules (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability […]

Budgetary Review of What Cyber Attacks Have Cost US Enterprises in 2017

Fiber optics spread like a fishing net across the Atlantic Ocean. Armored and weighted, they connect to the Somalian capital […]

Analysis and Review of the State of Cyber Security in the US Government

Each year the US President delivers an address to Congress, televised around the world, that has come to be known […]

The Future of Cyber Security: What Will it Look Like in 10 Years

Predictions about the future can be entertaining or hilariously wrong. After Back to the Future, didn’t we expect to have […]

Hundreds of South Carolina Residents Affected in Data Breach

A data breach can be one of the most catastrophic events for an organization. The recent Equifax data breach was […]

Singapore Insurance Agency AXA Suffers Data Breach Affecting Thousands of Customers

Organizations hold such a large amount of data that it is basically suicide for them to have lacking cyber security. […]

Cyber Week in Review: Enigma, UK Charities & Cloud Services

Each week we bring you the latest cyber attack news from around the globe. Some weeks we travel the globe, […]

Cyber Attack on UCLA May Have Exposed Personal Data of Students

We continue to see malicious and detrimental cyber attacks occurring almost every day. Various organizations are targeted for their sensitive […]

South Dakota Plastic Surgery Association Data Breach Potentially Exposes Patient Records

Cyber security is an ever fluctuating proposition. As threats are continually developed to be more adept and clever at bypassing […]