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Phishing Attacks — What to do About Them

It may surprise you that hacking predates the internet, using such devices as a slide whistle…and that such hacks relate […]

Torrance Memorial Medical Center Hit By Phishing Attack

Phishing campaigns are one of the most prominent types of cyber attacks. They can be very simply crafted by attackers […]

Cyber Week in Review: Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, Pacemakers & Chipotle

Each week we bring you some of the top stories making headlines (and waves) around the cyber security water cooler.  […]

Molina Healthcare Online Portal Vulnerability Could Have Led to Unauthorized Access to Patient Records

Patient medical records can hold extremely large amounts of sensitive information about an individual. This is what often makes them […]

The Largest Cyber Security Risks Affecting the Healthcare Industry in 2017

Per a recent survey done by Accenture, trust in health care providers and their ability to keep consumer personal and […]

Newspaper and Media Giant Hit By Phishing Attack

Phishing attacks have continued to make headlines as they breach various types of organizations.  While they can typically be avoided […]

New Season of “Orange is the New Black” Leaked After Netflix Refuses to Pay Ransom

Streaming services for TV and movies have become more popular than ever.  They offer a wide range of content and […]

Top Cyber Security Threat for the Banking Industry in 2017

Unfortunately, there many different types of organizations and industries that tend to be targeted by cyber attackers, but there also […]

Hacking of Bangor Behavioral Health Center Potentially Exposes Details of Around 4000 Patients

Health organizations continue to be some of the largest targets for barrages of cyber attacks.  Being that they hold such […]