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Back to School: Is Your College Ready to Deal with Hackers

Hackers target various types of organizations all around the globe, but there are organizations and institutions that tend to be […]

Patient Information from Mid-Michigan Physicians Practice Exposed in Data Breach

There is so much sensitive data and digital assets that cyber criminals are yearning to get their hands on. We […]

Anthem Medicare Suffers Large Data Breach Resulting from an Insider

Various organizations continue to suffer extremely large data breaches in this day and age, though some industries tend to be […]

Data Breach of Tampa Bay Surgery Center Potentially Affects Over One Hundred Thousand People

Organizations of all types and sizes are frequently struck by cyber attacks and data breaches resulting in disastrous consequences, but […]

Colorado Medicaid Breach May Have Exposed Private Data of Hundreds of People

Time and time again, breaches continue to happen as a result of inadequate security and overlooked mistakes. A breach can […]

Why are Hospitals Being Targeted by Cyber Hackers

There are some lists you do not want to be at the top of: least likely to succeed, most ridiculous […]

Detroit Medical Center Suffers Data Breach of Patient Information

If you read our article yesterday, you saw how much chaos can result from an insider going rogue. In fact, […]

The Increasing Cyber Threat to Law Firms

While cyber attacks can hit anywhere, certain industries get more than their fair share of the fire: healthcare, banking, federal […]

Cyber Attacks Lurking in the Classrooms

Ever since Ferris Bueller hacked into his school’s computers and changed his number of sick days, in the 1980’s classic […]